What are the Different Types of Intercom Systems?

In intercom system is a two-way interaction digital device which contains circuitry for the objective of transferring, as well as obtaining audio and/or video transmissions.

With the advent of mobile interaction, electronic telephone systems, and other communication devices, using intercoms has decreased. However, there are still lots of applications where these gadgets still function better than anything else. There is a wide array of systems readily available as specified listed below:

  • Wireless Intercoms: In applications where cables cannot be run, a cordless system is used. There is a wide spectrum of two-way wireless interaction devices that include such devices as portable radios, exterior cordless callboxes, along with standard desktop tools. The range these devices will send varies commonly based upon the wireless technology utilized.
  • Wired Intercom Solutions: When you can run wires between areas, a wired system can give you a bit extra personal privacy and get rid of feasible interference from local systems. There are different cord kinds such as 2-wire shielded or Cat-5/6 that can be utilized with these systems. If you are considering a video system, a wired device might be the best option.
  • Video Intercom: These typically have a unit that has a speaker, cam, as well as a button that goes at an entryway door, as well as an internal monitor device that can connect with the entrance unit. Some systems can have numerous video monitors inside. Provided the difficulty of sending video over the airwaves at quite range without disturbance, many available systems are wired.
  • Apartment Intercoms: This kind of system has a door unit at an entryway door and then each home/flat has either one or several devices that can speak to the door as well as perhaps see the site visitor, or the door device sounds a landline or cellular telephone number. A site visitor merely presses the right switch for the house they want to speak with, as well as the occupant can talk back and then press a switch to open the door.
  • Two-Way Radios: While these are practically not intercoms, there are two-way radios that interact with base station intercoms. So, you can have the flexibility of a mobile radio that interacts over cross countries blended with the capacity a taken care of intercom provides you.

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