Residential Snow Plow Buying Guide

Do you want to clear snow from your driveway and obtain a result worthy of the snow removal pros? Buying a residential snowplow might be a good idea. Here’s what you need to know.

The Advantages Of A Residential Snow Plow

A residential snowplow attaches to the front of most pickup trucks, SUVs, and four-wheelers and allows you to clear snow from your driveway, a small parking lot, and even a dirt road on your own. This device makes it easy to create a path through the snow to move around.

The advantages of buying a residential snowplow are significant: removing snow much more quickly and efficiently than with a shovel or snowblower and saving on the annual contract with a snow removal company.

In addition, residential snow plows are durable. They are rust and weather-resistant and are designed to maintain their appearance throughout the seasons.

Who Says Snowplow, Says Mounting Brackets?

If you plan to purchase a residential snowplow, take note that you will also need to purchase mounting brackets or a front hitch suitable for your type of vehicle, as they are sold separately. Some models have casters that allow them to be attached or removed very quickly, making your life much easier.

Relevant Questions

Before choosing your snowplow model, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of snow removal do you want to do? Do you need to remove snow from the common areas of your condominium or just your small driveway?
  • What type of vehicle will you be using? An SUV and a pickup truck do not require the same types of equipment.
  • What type of blade will you choose? Is there a slope or small spaces?
  • Which material best suits your needs? Plastic? Metal? Alloy?
  • What about the quality and warranty offered? Do you plan to use the snow thrower a lot or over a long period?
  • Does the model fit your budget? Set a price for yourself and stick to it. And remember, more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Is it easy to install and use? If you have little or no experience or only want to use the snow thrower for light and occasional work, purchasing the deluxe model with advanced features is not mandatory.

Ask An Expert

Take the time to seek the advice of a professional from who will advise you according to your needs.

In short, for hassle-free, fast, efficient, and cold-protected snow removal, buying a residential snowplow is a solution that will appeal to you.

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