Make Your Cincinnati House More Appealing to Buyers with 5 Simple Home Upgrades

Has the time come to sell your Cincinnati house? If it has, well congratulations are in order! We know that making this decision was not easy, but you did it anyway. The reasons for this big life event don’t really matter (that is your private thing), however, what matters is the fact that you need to sell your Cincinnati house fast and for the best price possible! That is the only way to move on with your life. So, how do you do that? The answer is rather simple – you have to make your Cincinnati home more appealing to buyers. And, we know how to help you out with that. We prepared a list of five simple upgrades that will make all the potential buyers fall in love with your house! So, keep on reading.

  1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the best ways to make your Cincinnati house more appealing to buyers is to repaint it. This is especially important if your house has some screaming wall colors or if the walls are just dirty. So, get your painting tools out, choose some neutral color (white, beige, or something pastel-like), take a couple of days off, and start repainting the whole house.

Repainting your walls into something neutral, besides helping the buyers envision themselves living in your house, will also increase the house’s overall value. Yes, believe it or not – repainting the entire home can increase its value by up to 7%. Moreover, repainting is also great if you need to renovate and decorate your home on a budget! It will not be expensive and it will be something that will bring your more money in the future – a win-win situation.

Upgrade the Hardware 

It may not seem much, but doing a small and inexpensive upgrade such as changing your old hardware around the house for something new and modern, can make a huge difference. That small detail can improve the look of your entire kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or any other room in your home.

So, if you want to make your Cincinnati home more appealing to buyers, upgrade the hardware. If you are on a budget, replace just the door handles, the knobs on your cabinets, and the pulls on your doors. But, if you have some money to spare, replace towels and shower holders too. This way, your home will look move-in ready. And, when your home looks like that, you will be able to call your Strong-Ass movers and move out instantly as buyers will act sooner than you think.

  1. Let the Light In 

If your Cincinnati home is dark and gloomy, most of your potential buyers will just walk away. Just think about it – would you buy a home that is not well-lit? Probably not. So, don’t expect your buyers to do the same.

Before you schedule an open-house event, try to let the light in as much as possible. In some cases, that means removing heavy curtains and blinds and adding something light and transparent. But, in others (where you have little or no natural light), it means either adding a couple of windows or investing in good lighting fixtures.

One of the best, modern decorating tips that can make your Cincinnati house more appealing to buyers is to actually replace all your lighting fixtures. Nice lamps, chandeliers, recessed lights, pendants, etc., can transform the look of any home.

  1. Curb Appeal Matters 

Imagine that you have to buy a house one more time. Would you buy one that looks like a hunted house from the outside? Probably not – you would run away. Potential buyers will do the same if your exterior looks run-down, neglected, and just too messy. Curb appeal matters! It always has and it always will. So, put some effort into it.

Start by cleaning your yard entirely. Remove all the mess. Then, do some landscaping – mow the lawn, trim bushes and trees, add some colorful flowers, etc. And, if your budget allows it, do some exterior work on your house too – repaint the exterior walls, upgrade the patio, add outdoor lights, etc.

Moreover, if you have a lot of personal items in your yard, it would be a good idea to find them a new home for the time being. Cluttered yards never look appealing to buyers. So, either take those items to your new home or place them in storage. Local movers can provide you with all the help you may need with this – they can, for instance, help you find storage, pack your belongings, and relocate everything temporarily.

  1. Invest in Some Built-Ins 

One of the last but certainly not the least thing you can do to make your Cincinnati home more appealing to potential buyers is to invest in some good-quality built-ins. For instance, you can add some storage. Everybody wants more storage in their home, so, if you find a way to put more storage into the house, potential buyers will appreciate it.

There are many things you can build in – closets, shoe stalls, closets, indoor benches in awkward places, sitting areas in corners and under the windows, etc. Or, you can go for some custom furniture too – furniture that you will, of course, leave behind. But, before you decide to build or buy something of this kind, be sure that it can actually fit and look good in your home. Moreover, be sure that it is something that all potential buyers will want to have in their house, not just you.

As you have seen, there are many upgrades you can do to make your Cincinnati home more appealing to buyers. Try some of them out. Or, try all of them. We are sure you will not regret it. The most important thing is to show that your house is loved and well-taken care of! And, if at the end of the day you don’t know what to do to help you sell your house fast and for the best price possible, talk to your real estate agents – they have experience with these kinds of things.

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