Why You Need To Visit a Display Home Centre before Building Your Home

Building the house of your dreams can be a nerve-wracking experience. So much can go wrong, and with you investing both your time and money into such a project, you’d expect it to be no less than perfect.

Your builder is given the heavy task of actually carrying out the whole operation. Not only must they be capable of correctly interpreting your design requirements but also your aesthetic style and unique taste.

So, before you decide on the builder you wish to hire, consider visiting a few display home centres for the best ideas and top results.

What Is A Display Home Centre/Village?

Display homes are actually used to give you an idea of what your final product might look like if you choose the builder who worked on the project. Not only can you assess the build and finish of the products, but you can also take inspiration from them when you decide on your own home design.

So, where do you go for display homes? Check out some of the most popular display home centres in Sydney.

Homeworld Display Home Villages

Homeworld Australia has five display home centres across NSW, out of which three are spread across Sydney, namely Box Hill, Marsden Park and Leppington. They display over 300 homes from the leading 50 Home Building companies in Australia. Home designs including single-storey, double-storey, duplex, granny flat and even luxury high-end homes are displayed in Homeworld display homes village.

Oran Park Display Village

Located in the southwest of Sydney, Oran Park Town has a dedicated Oran Park Display Village. Oran Park display homes consists of over 50 display homes from some of the leading builders of Australia, including Allcastle Homes, Allworth Homes, Clarendon Homes, McDonald Jones Homes and Eden Brae, to name a few. You can visit during opening times, view the various house designs on display, go over floor plans, and get more builder insight.

Kellyville Display Homes

Kellyville is one of Sydney’s leading display homes centres. Leading builders including Homequest, Metricon Homes, McDonald Jones Homes, Millbrook Homes and more have their houses on display here. You can look at houses on display and study different designs, floor plans and architectural options. You can also check out modern home design features you can incorporate into your own home.

HomeQuest Display Home Village

Homequest is one of Sydneys’ leading luxury home display villages. Showcasing 11 award-winning luxury display homes from 12 leading builders around Australia, this is a must-see if you are looking for a higher up investment. Their builders include Bannerman Homes, Roselea Homes, Horizon Homes, Millbrook Homes, to name a few.

Why Should You Visit A Display Home Centre Before Choosing A Home Builder?

Before building your home in Sydney, you need to visit one or few display home centres for several reasons.

  • Primarily because you can see the physical display of the house, you might be ending up with.
  • You can assess the build, layout, and floor plans to get a feel of what you require.
  • You can also photograph the display to keep for when you are making a final decision.
  • On-site sales consultants will also be able to better guide you on the specifications of the build and what’s displayed but not necessarily included in the build so you can make a more informed decision.

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