Why Should I Switch To Solar Panels For My Home?

Solar energy is not only plentiful, but it’s also sustainable and renewable. The higher the cost of electricity rises, the lower the cost of solar energy goes each year, making solar energy the most affordable power to use. This has seen more and more Americans switching to solar power both for domestic use and for their businesses.

Today, more than a million solar installations are being done annually across the country. Using Baker Home Energy solar panels comes with many benefits such as being affordable, sustainable, reliable, and environmentally, below you’ll find more benefits that come from using solar panels for your home.


Whether it’s a business venture or a domestic project, we all want to invest in something that will give us value in the long run. You want to invest in something that will not only give you a return on your investment but will give you peace of mind and satisfaction. And that’s the case with solar power. Reduced monthly utility bills and financial returns are one of the benefits that come with using solar energy. If you invest in a medium-sized solar system, and if the installation is done on the right angle of the roof that ensures direct exposure to the sun, you will save a lot in power consumption in the long run. However, this also depends on whether the system is yours or leased. If you own the system, then you’re on the right track. However, a leased system can be a little costly.

Plentiful and Available, Hence Sustainable

The US has a lot of solar energy resources. During summer, an hour of noontime sunlight is enough to cater for annual electricity demand in the whole country. Most states, including Alaska, have sufficient solar resources, which, if exploited, can save consumers hundreds of thousands of dollars in utility bills.

Improves Home Value

In case you didn’t know, solar panels act as home additions or roof renovations. When you purchase and install a solar panel on your roof, it adds to your home’s aesthetics and, ultimately, value. Studies have indicated that many people buying homes pay an extra premium for a home with solar panels/energy. The same studies also indicate that homes typically increase in value by over $15,000. However, there are a few market factors that primarily impact home value. These include local power rates and solar system size. But the overall cost of a home with a PV is higher than one without.

Environmentally Friendly

Studies show that every kilowatt per hour (kWh) of generated solar energy significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as particulate matter, sulfur oxide, CO2, and nitrogen oxide. Additionally, solar energy reduces water consumption and withdrawal, making it highly eco-friendly.

Promotes Job Creation and Economic Growth

Research by the Solar Foundation revealed that the solar energy industry is increasingly creating more employment opportunities than all other sectors of the economy in the United States. This growth is expected to continue on a larger scale. And since most solar jobs are highly specialized and not easy to outsource, they come with competitive pay, which is a great contributor to economic growth.

Time To Make The Transition

Whether you are a home or business owner seeking alternative and affordable energy in San Diego, now is the time to make the transition. Get your new solar system installed by Baker Home Energy today and start enjoying the benefits that come with affordable power.

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