Why Does A Furnace Stop Working When It Gets Really Cold?

Nothing can be more devastating than for one’s furnace to stop working on a cold night. It would undoubtedly cause great discomfort. Something going wrong with the furnace unexpectedly is something undesirable as it leaves the previously cozy home vulnerable and every one cold.

Meanwhile, the furnace does not just stop working when it is really cold, here are some reasons why a furnace can stop working:

1. Dirty or Blocked Filters

It is essential that the furnace’s filters are clean and replaced regularly to avoid clogging. Dirty and clogged filters can cause a serious problem for the furnace, which will force the furnace to stop working. Dirty and clogged filters hinder the free flow of air, which can cause the furnace to work harder before shutting down and leaving your home cold. To avoid this problem, clean and replace the filters every one to three months.

2. Ignition or Faulty Pilot Lights

If the furnace’s ignition or pilot light develops a fault, it could result in loss of power to the furnace. The furnace will fail to start and there will be no possibility of keeping the home warm. Unfortunately, you need an expert in furnace repair to fix these problems to avoid your home from freezing.

3. Faulty Thermostat

Problems with the thermostat could make the furnace keep cycling, switching on and off repeatedly. Although the furnace cycling can be linked to blocked filters, a bad thermostat setting can also impede the furnace’s performance. Besides, if the furnace runs, it may not provide adequate heat to keep the house warm due to inappropriate thermostat settings.

4. Tripped Circuit

Your furnace may stop working when it gets cold if the circuit breaker has tripped. There will not be a power supply to the furnace once the circuit breaker has tripped. A tripped circuit breaker usually results from many reasons and you need an expert for furnace repair and trace what caused the circuit breaker to trip.

5. Frozen Coils and Pipes

When the water in the coils and pipes is exposed to low temperatures during the cold, it freezes. This can cause pipes to burst and lead to more problems. If you experience burst pipes, contact an HVAC expert immediately to fix the pipes and carry out extensive furnace repair.


A furnace can stop working when it gets really cold due to the reasons discussed above. To avoid the problems, carry out preventative maintenance and furnace repair when necessary. Ensure to hire an experienced HVAC expert for furnace maintenance and repair.

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