Uses for Residential Fencing You Didn’t Know About


Most people are aware of the plethora of benefits of constructing a fence around their property. Primarily, fences are installed to set boundaries, improve security, and increase privacy. If you have still not installed a fence around your home, be sure to search “fencing company near me” on Google to hire local fence installation experts. They can help you construct a beautiful fence on your property whether it be a wooden fence, chain-link fence, vinyl fence, aluminum fence, or any other type of fence.

Modern fences, especially residential fences provide much more than security and privacy. However, most people are not aware of all the advantages of building residential fences around their houses. Here are some important benefits of residential fencing that you probably didn’t know about:

The Uses

  1. You can incorporate fences into your landscape garden – Innovation in modern technology has made it possible to construct fences with many different types of materials and design them in a variety of ways to make sure they match the overall style of your landscape and property. Thus, you can incorporate residential fences into your landscape garden to make it look natural and enhance the overall look.

For instance, you can install a traditional white picket fence in your property if your garden is full of plants that feature flowers with many different colors. And, you can go with a minimalist iron fence and add some colorful lighting fixtures to highlight the favorite parts of your garden without going overboard. Better yet, you can build a bamboo retaining wall fence if you want to maintain an eco-friendly garden.

  1. Fences can prevent harmful pests from reaching your veggie garden – It can be a very rewarding experience to build your own veggie garden, especially since you can eat what you have spent countless hours growing with your own hands. However, it can be a real downer when pests and animals from the neighborhood invade the veggie garden and ruin the vegetables and plant life in it.

Residential fences can cover your entire garden and block animals and pests from the surrounding area from getting inside your property and ruining your personal projects such as growing a veggie garden.

3.Fences can enhance the decor of your property – Residential fences serve as amazing design elements since they come in a variety of designs, types, colors, and decoration styles. In fact, you can match the fence type with the architectural style of your property whether it be gothic, modern, mid-century, contemporary, or something else.

For instance, aluminum and wrought iron fences offer a clean and simple look that match well with a contemporary home decor style. Stone fences are suitable for enhancing rustic decor type. Wood fences are versatile and go well with many different types of home decor styles.

Now, let’s look at some of the important benefits of constructing a residential fence around your property:

  1. Security – Security is a major concern for many homeowners no matter which neighborhood they live in and fences are the first line of defense against troublemakers. Although security systems can help protect you when you are inside your home, they don’t do anything to prevent people with bad intentions from invading your property and vandalizing it. However, a well-constructed residential fence around your property that is at least 6ft tall can make it hard even for the most motivated vandals and thieves to get inside your property.

Plus, when you have a fence around your house, you can relax and let your kids and pets play in the garden or the backyard without constantly worrying about their safety.

  1. Privacy – Everybody deserves the right to their privacy, but it can be really difficult to attain it if you don’t have a fence built around your house. Building a privacy fence around your house enables you to relax comfortably inside your property even while wearing bathrobes. Plus, it protects you from unwanted prying eyes that don’t value the privacy of other people.

Privacy fences also enable you to hide features or specific areas of your property that you don’t want other people to see.

  1. Noise Reduction – If you are situated in a noisy neighborhood, it can disrupt your lifestyle and even prevent you from sleeping properly at night. In such cases, it makes sense to install a fence since the correct fence type can significantly cut out external noise and allow you some peace of mind.
  1. Good investment – A sure way to increase the resale value of your property is to install a professionally built fence around it. People value property with fences more than those that don’t have one. Thus, if you want to sell your home in the future, you can spend some bucks on hiring a professional to build a solid fence knowing it’s a good investment.

And, even if you don’t have to or want to sell your home ever, you can still enjoy the benefits that come with installing a well-built fence around your property.

  1. Boundary setting – Your neighbors can seem like the nicest person in the world until you have to participate in annoying property disputes. The best way to avoid property disputes and prevent ruining a healthy relationship with your neighbors is to set your boundaries and the only way to do that is to construct a fence around your house.

Residential fences define the perimeter of the property and thus, prevents land encroachment that can become the source of limitless frustration and worries. A well-constructed fence clearly defines the length and breadth of your property and prevents shady neighbors from using your land by offering lame excuses.


Now that you have learned about some of the less known benefits of installing a residential fence on your property, it’s time to consult an expert who can guide you further to help you construct the fence of your choice. Search “fencing company near me” online to find fence installation experts near your region and get started on the project right away.

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