Things To Know On How To Clean Kitchen Items And Kitchen Environment

The kitchen environment is very subject to dirt and grease, and it is essential to keep it sanitized to ensure the house is organized and healthy. Here are ways to clean some kitchen items according to euromaids.


It is essential to clean the stove every day so that dirt does not stick to it. Know that aluminum foil stains the stainless-steel stove. For cleaning, always wait until cool; otherwise, thermal shock may crack and damage. If it has a lot of fat, remove the excess using vinegar.

For daily cleaning, use a soft sponge and neutral detergent. To clean once a week, clean with water and detergent and then heat white alcohol vinegar and pass all over the stainless steel. As you pass the vinegar, dry the stove. In this way, it maintains the shine and prevents darkening.

For aluminum burners, drop lemon drops on the lid and then wash with coconut soap to make them shiny. For black lids, rub a steel sponge into the dry lid. Already black and burned between the teeth, they come out boiling. One recipe is to boil for 10 minutes in water with one tablespoon of detergent and five tablespoons of vinegar. Another recipe is to boil for 10 minutes in water with a tablespoon of salt, three tablespoons of vinegar, and a level tablespoon of washing powder.


Daily, it can end up accumulating bacteria. It is essential to wash and sanitize the sponges daily for this not to happen. If the object is used a lot, change it every seven days. If used more sparingly, it is possible to change it every 10 days. A tip is not to store the sponge with soap in closed, wet jars. Give preference to soap holder models where the objects are separated, which is airy.

To clean the sponge daily, wash the object with water and detergent, squeeze out all the water, put it to dry, and do not store it in a damp place, inside containers with soap and water. To sanitize twice a week, there are two options. One is with a chlorinated solution: in a liter of water, add a tablespoon of bleach and soak for 15 minutes, rinse and let dry. The second is with boiling water: put the sponge to boil in a liter of water for five minutes, wait for it to cool, remove excess water, and store it in a dry place according to euromaids.

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