The Process for Receiving an Estimate on Roof Replacement in Cranston RI

For those living in Cranston, RI having to have your roof replaced can be daunting. You may be confused about what precisely a roof replacement estimate entails and what the estimate itself consists of. Well, the estimate process should be smooth and without complication. You can expect a few things when you ask for a roof replacement estimate. Find out more in our website at 

Find A Reliable Contractor

The first step in receiving an estimate on a roof replacement is to find a local Cranston contractor. Calling random roofing contractors is not the best way to start; instead, ask friends and neighbors who they’ve used before and if there’s anyone they recommend. When asking for recommendations, you’ll want to ask them if their work was done on time, about their quality of work, and if their prices were reasonable.

Once you create a list, you’ll want to see if they have any online reviews. There are a lot of places you can find reviews; one is Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor. When reading the reviews, remember that some negative ones are expected; however, if they have a lot of negative ones, you may want to pass. Once you’ve read reviews and done your research on the roof replacement companies in Cranson, RI., choose 3 to 4 contractors that you liked and call them and ask for a written estimate.

Make a List Of Questions  

When choosing a contractor, you want to hire one that’ll do an excellent job. Before the estimate begins, you want to ask them a few questions to help narrow down your choice. Here is a short list of questions when receiving an estimate on roof replacement in Cranston, RI. 

  • How long have you been in business?
  • If you live in Cranston, RI., you want to know how far they are from you. So that’s a question that you should include. 
  • Do you source your materials locally?
  • Do you have any jobs I can see?
  • What type of training and experience does your crew have?
  • When would you schedule my job, and how long will it take?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What type of roofing material do you specialize in?

Answer Contractors Questions

There’s a good chance that the contractor will also have questions for you. They may want to know what type of roof you want to be installed. The kind of material you want to be used will significantly influence the price of your roof replacement. You’ll need to let them know the style, grade, and color of the shingles. If you’re unsure, they will discuss the options with you. 

The contractor will also need to know any existing problems you are having with your roof to understand any areas that need to be repaired before they can replace it. It’ll also factor into the estimate. The extreme weather in Cranston, NJ, can cause ice dams on your roof, which can cause wood supports to rot. 

When talking to the contractor, he’ll likely ask you about your budget. Having your roof replaced can cost between $4,100 to $6,500 depending on where you live, how large your home is, and the materials you choose. 

Preparing the Estimate

The majority of roof replacement service estimates will not be the same. You can expect some differences between each estimate, and it’s important to note that contractors will have different licenses and warranties, and you want to pay attention to this. The calculation will also depend if an insurance claim is involved. This is because the insurance company already sets the price and the line items are what you want to pay attention to when looking at the estimate. 

Below are the main things you should look for in a roof replacement service contractor in Cranston, RI.

  • Payment information
  • Approximate timeline
  • Costs
  • Roof materials 
  • Description of work
  • Warranty
  • Insurance and licensing information
  • Add on cost section
  • Agreement termination circumstances
  • Approximate timeline
  • Insurance and licensing information
  • How they will remove the waste

How Long Does An Estimate Take?

Usually, you can expect the estimate to take 30 minutes to an hour. You don’t have to be present, but for the contractor to look for leaks, someone should be there to let him in. Once the estimate is done, it can take two weeks for the written quote to get to you. However, you should hear from them within 48 hours with a bid. 

Choosing Your Contractor

Once you’ve received all of your estimates, it’s time to choose which roof replacement contractor you should use. While the cost should factor into your choice, you want to consider how they answered your questions, how professional they were, and which you believe would do the best job. If there’s a significant difference in costs between your preferred contractor and the lowest price, ask them if they’re willing to negotiate the cost. 

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