Shopping Tips To Help You Find Cheap Antique Rugs!

A lot of people have always dreamed about having antique area rugs in their homes, but of course the reality is that most antique rugs are incredibly rare and subsequently expensive.

But the truth is that finding cheap antique rugs isn’t impossible, and persistent rug shoppers can definitely find a budget-friendly area rug that matches their personal preferences with just a little bit of determination.

Below we’ll be going over some awesome tips to help rug shoppers find affordable antique options both in-person and online, and how to know if a cheap antique rug is worth your investment!

The Antique Rug’s Origin

One of the first things you should ask when glancing at an antique area rug is where it came from, because certain countries and geographical regions are well-known throughout the world for being the best at developing area rugs.

Most antique rugs are going to be handmade, and the origin of an antique rug is important for a variety of reasons. In general, there are always going to be certain details that can only be traced back to a rug’s origins.

Many antique rugs come from the Middle East and Asia, and each region has their own weaving techniques that make each style unique. What’s also great about many antique rugs is that they’ll tell a story, and the rug’s origin will likely play a significant factor in what that story says.

The Rug’s Overall Condition

You shouldn’t want to shy away from an antique rug because it doesn’t look like it’s in good condition. But of course it’s also important to remember that tiny holes and dust can actually increase an antique rug’s value in certain scenarios, so it’s all relative in terms of understanding what’s worth your personal investment.

It’s typically pretty easy for restore an antique rug that’s just slightly damaged, but you also have to remember that permanent frays and stains simply can’t be undone. Although you may be looking for an affordable antique rug option, you also need to ensure that your new rug meets your needs and won’t require too many costly repairs!

The Antique Rug’s Age

It’s also important for antique rug shoppers to verify the actual age of the rugs they’re considering, which can sometimes be easier said than done. The general rule of thumb throughout the rug industry is that a rug over 50 years old is considered an antique.

However, you can usually tell that you’re looking at an antique rug when you’re in front of one or viewing one online. Although the rug’s fabric and colors should still be vibrant and clear, you’ll see the age in the wear and tear that simply occurs with time.

One of the big issues that people need to be on the lookout for when it comes to finding cheap antique rugs is that there are certain scammers out there that’ll acid-drench older rugs to make them appear much older than they actually are. So be sure to be on the lookout for rugs that have been made to look much older than they actually are!

The Rug’s Materials

Your antique rug is going to showcase your style, so it’s important to show your sense of style in the actual rug material you end up purchasing.

Of course, when it comes to overall prices, rug materials can vary dramatically. Certain rug materials like wool and silk will likely be more expensive than cotton or other synthetic options.

These days, there are synthetic antique rugs; however, it’s important to remember that natural fibers like wool will always last much longer.

The Rug’s Construction

It’s normal for antique rugs to feature certain imperfections in terms of construction, and this perfectly imperfect appearance is a major reason why antique rugs are so popular. For the most part, you should largely only consider handmade antique rugs, and this is largely because they’ll ensure long-term durability as compared to their machine-made counterparts.

Finding Cheap Antique Rugs Isn’t Impossible, Especially When Shopping Online!

The true beauty of the Internet shines when it comes to rug shopping, and this is because rug shoppers can now meander through seemingly endless inventories instead of meandering through mundane showrooms.

You can learn more about finding cheap antique rugs by going through the link at the top of the page to the Rug Source website, where they have one of the best online selections of cheap antique rugs on the Web!

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