Is Rat Glue Trap Board An Effective Pest Control?

Are you tired of these sneaky houses at your home? Most probably this is a common problem for every household. There are so many methods for trapping mice easily. The rat glue trap is one of the most traditional mousetrap methods. They are also easily available to any pest control wholesale.

Do they work? Let’s discuss it.

What Is A Rat Glue Trap Board?

The rat glue trap board is a trap board made of plastic or any other materials. These trap boards are covered with strong adhesive glue. The glue is environmentally friendly and less harmful for pets and children. These are used to eliminate rodents, insects, and snakes from the house.

How Does Rat Glue Trap Board Work

First, you need to place the trap board where the wall meets the floor. Because these places are the common route for the mouse, rodents, and other insects. For best results, you can use baits onto the trap board surface. The braits attract the mice. Once they come into contact with this, they get stuck into this.

They die from hypothermia as they cannot maintain body temperature there. As a result, they will eventually strangle in that place which leads to death.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Rat Glue Trap?

The rat glue trap is one of the most effective pest controls. If you can use it properly, it will work like a wonder. Let’s know why you should use a rat glue trap.

  • You don’t need to monitor the trap frequently. As it contains glue, the insects will be easily stuck into this.
  • The other pest control for rat eradication may contain chemical and toxic chemicals. These are dangerous for our health. But the glue used in rat trap boards does not contain toxic chemicals which makes it environmentally friendly.
  • The rodents and mice will die in the glue trap. So, there is a low chance of safety hazards in your house.
  • These are easy to use and inexpensive that you can buy from any pest control wholesale.

The rat glue trap is one of the most effective ways to eradicate rats, rodents, and other harmful insects from the house but make sure you are using them properly. Use it in any active runway of rodents such as in any large kitchen appliances, along walls, etc. Keep the children away from the trap board. You are recommended to use two to three trap boards per room. If infestation is high, you can use more. Still, if you feel confused about using it, give us a call.

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