Heating your pools just got easier – and a lot less expensive that you can imagine!

Whether it’s a convenience, a luxury, or a necessity, a pool or a hot tub can be costly to heat. With the typical heating source being propane, at today’s prices, pool owners often pay a premium for keeping waters warm over an extended season. And, if the requirement is to heat the water all year long, for example due to medical or therapeutic use, then the costs are astronomical! That’s when property owners with pools wonder whether having a pool is worth it.

There’s a Solution for That!

Thankfully, now there’s a solution for that – it’s a wood burning pool heater from HyProTherm.

If you are a home owner with a pool that requires extended-seasonal use, or if you have corporate or commercial guests buzzing around the pool all year long, then pool heating costs you a fortune! It’s expensive to use propane or other forms of fuel to keep your pool heated. But not when you use wood as your fuel source.

So, why do homes and businesses choose a wood fired pool heater over other heating options? Cost is an overarching consideration. Because heating wood is abundantly available, it’s a cheaper heating fuel than the commonly-used propane systems. Most pool owners, be they commercial or residential, also want to extend the use of their pools to the fullest.

Some larger establishments, that own and maintain pools, may install banks of solar panels to heat their pools. That’s an expensive proposition, and will only work to optimum capacity on sunny days or in warmer climates. And – it is very costly too, because installing and maintaining that array of solar panels is very “technical” and requires expensive parts and labor!

Because cost is a consideration, pool owners typically shut off the pool during winter – outdoor pools may also freeze in winter if they’re not drained and shut down.  The perfect solution to extended enjoyment of pools is to use a cost-efficient heating system, and a wood burning pool heater is the answer.

The Convenience Factor

The HyProTherm solution is not just a single-application system – it’s not just restricted to heating pools. You can use it to heat your pools, for sure. But you can also heat your hot tub, driveway, and even your garage or work shed. With a separate side arm or plate exchanger, you’ll be able to heat your domestic water supply, and use it to heat other water sources for indoor or outdoor use – like a pool shower.

The high-quality design, construction, and parts used in this wood fired pool heater allows pools and other target areas to be heated faster, with a higher quality of heat, and for less money than propane (or alternative heating sources).

For added convenience, you have options to choose from. For instance, if you have a saltwater swimming pool, then there are corrosion considerations with some of the parts used in other pool heaters. But with titanium pool heat exchanges, those concerns are no longer! Built to withstand corrosive forces, there’s no need to spend additional money creating bypass flows – all the water passes through the heat exchanger stress free and hassle free!

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