Flooring For Home: Everything You Need To Know To Make The Best Choice

Choosing the ideal flooring for your home is a difficult decision that requires a lot of analysis of the environment and decoration style. Check tips and collections from sites like stone center to know more.

In addition to the aesthetic issue, each floor has a specific requirement regarding care to ensure its durability. The most suitable models – and commonly used in residential projects are:

  • ceramics
  • Burnt cement
  • porcelain tile

Next, understand the care needed for each of the floors mentioned and how beautiful they can be when combined with an innovative decoration project!

1- Ceramics

Pottery is one of the most popular floorings found in people’s houses. It is produced with clay and has various specimens with different finishes and models to please all tastes. In addition to providing its finish, ceramic can imitate other types of flooring – such as wooden floors. Whether natural or satin, the coating is very resistant and capable of adapting to all decor styles.

Maintaining a ceramic finish isn’t all that challenging. They are easy to clean and apply well in all home environments. With the proper care, this floor can last up to 20 years. But how to apply the ceramic floor? With so many options, the ideal is to evaluate what best fits the room. In places like the kitchen and bathroom, the ideal is to opt for less slippery and rougher models that are resistant and safe.

Smooth floors can be better used in places like the living room and bedroom and still leave the space sophisticated.

2- Burnt Cement

The burnt cement is a bet for environments that follow an industrial atmosphere. It has become a strong trend in decoration – whether in the finishing of the floor or walls. With a contemporary style, the burnt cement floor, besides being beautiful, brings a cozy and full of personality feeling to the place. It can be included in practically every room: bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

The three most common burnt cement finishes are available today: arctic grey, graphite grey, and autumn grey. In environments with reduced footage, opting for lighter tones is a smart idea to keep the industrial style without compromising the notion of available space. Another idea to combine the decor with the burnt cement floor is to choose neutral tones in furniture and decorative items. The minimalist atmosphere gives it a special charm, and the composition is very modern!

3- Porcelain Tile

The porcelain is a floor made with noble materials commonly used in residential projects that value sophistication in your décor. Because it has different types of finish, porcelain tile can be used in the composition of different styles of decoration:

The rougher and darker models are excellent options for composing balconies and gardens – giving the space a more rustic appearance. Already polished porcelain has a smooth, shiny surface, perfect for living rooms and dining and bedrooms, where the environment is drier. For wet environments – such as bathrooms and kitchens – it is best to opt for a satin model, which despite being less shiny, is safer because it is less slippery.

Just like ceramic, Porcelain tile imitates different textures, and for that reason, it guarantees an exponential application that embraces different styles. You can find porcelain tiles imitating wood, cement, marble in different colors and textures. Now that you have seen different types you can visit place like stone center for example to know more.

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