A Guide to Architectural 3d Visualisation

For the past two decades the architectural and property development industries have become heavily dependent on 3d rendering, visualisation and animation. Since the late 1990s improving computer graphics technology started changing the real estate advertising landscape, allowing progressively detailed and more photorealistic visualisations to be employed as powerful sales and marketing tools. In recent years, good quality 3d architectural renders have become indistinguishable from real life photos.

What is the significance of Architectural visualisation?

3d rendered artwork is a favoured tool employed by many architects who use this technology for construction, planning and presentation of their concept designs to their clients and collaborators. The artist’s impressions are also frequently used to augment marketing campaigns and selling off-the-plan property. High quality interior and exterior 3d rendered visualisations are an absolutely vital tool in the arsenal of the architect, the real estate agent and property developer.

Industry leading visualisation studio Cleanpix Graphics is an Australian based company offering high quality, professional level 3d rendering services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other capital cities.

Using cutting edge digital technology and an established 3d rendering workflow, Cleanpix deliver hundreds of architectural visuals annually. Specialising in creating 3d renders of high end commercial and residential buildings, offering stunning representations of the architect’s design concepts by using life-like lighting and texture simulation.

Why architectural 3d renders attract people’s attention?

3d architectural visualisations reflect different types of lighting techniques and use of accurate construction materials. With the passing years these images have become far more expressive and life-like with the introduction of physically accurate lighting and exposure representation, high dynamic range simulation and high resolution texture mapping. Constant improvement in the development of 3d modelling software as well as increased performance of computer hardware has allowed artists to output highly realistic artist impressions that are indistinguishable from real life photography.

Why should you choose Architectural visualisation?

In today’s fashion conscious world, using 3d architectural rendering  services is no longer just about communicating the architectural features of a proposed building design. It is about selling potential buyers and investors a dream and a lifestyle image.

Every real estate project comes in a unique scale, style and finish to suit a broad range of home buyers and investors. High quality, polished 3d visualisations go a long way to define the appeal to the desired target market through the use of specific furniture, styling accessories, landscaping and even the mood of the image lighting.  This is great news for property owners and developers since the imagery aids in creating an emotional attachment between buyer and product, resulting in higher levels of property sales performance.

Types of 3d Architectural Visuals

There are several different types of 3d visualisations that can be output, depending on the intended use of the artwork such as print media, web or film presentation. Some of the most common types of presentations include the following:

  • Exterior 3d Rendering
  • Interior 3d Visualisation
  • Photo Montage Artwork
  • 3d Rendered Floorplans & Elevations
  • Color Masterplans & Landscaping Images
  • Planning & Design Development 3d Renders
  • 3d Animated Films


Architectural visualisation is a great means to impress your potential customers, boost sales & marketing campaigns and refine design concepts. Hire a reliable and experienced 3d rendering service provider to get the full benefits of this unique service.

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