6 Tips To Save Money On Your Pool Cleaning

Having a regularly hygienic and sparkly clean swimming pool becomes a point of concern for most pool owners. More because cleaning the pool requires consistent efforts and not once in a blue moon brushing. Moreover, the cost to maintain can also become significant if you have a green water pool, a filter problem, and more.

Use these tips we have put together to help you save money on the regular maintenance of the pool.

1 – Skimming The Surface

Skimming is obvious practice while cleaning the pool, but daily skimming is what people do not do. To help yourself save some money, it is important you take preventive measures accordingly. Skim the surface for leaves and dirt every day. Do invest in a vacuum if your budget allows buying a robot-vacuum to do this for you.


2 – Scrubbing The Walls

Scrubbing can save you several dollars on repeatedly needing to shock and treating the pool. Make sure to scrub the walls and all surfaces of the swimming pool to be thorough with your cleaning maintenance. Scrubbing the walls every fortnight will help get rid of any algae build-up as well. For stubborn stains and algae spots, fill the pool with water and add chlorine before scrubbing.

3 – Work On The Chemistry

Swimming pool water needs consistent chemical treatment that can maintain the chemical levels in check. Make sure to check the levels every week for keeping the water clean and safe for use. Check for chlorine level and pH level for sure among other water tests. Also, it is not hard to check the water level, get some inexpensive testing kits from a local store.

4 – Try Good-Old Baking Soda

Pool chemicals come in pound bangs commonly and mostly are on the costlier side. If you are not already aware, baking soda is nothing but sodium bicarbonate. Many swimming pool services swear by using baking soda for cleaning and maintaining pH levels in the swimming pools. Buying baking soda in bulk instead of bags of sodium bicarbonate can save you a significant amount of money.

5 – Use Tennis Ball For Oil

Sometimes a sheen stays floating on the top of the swimming pool’s water. The shiny build-up is because of the product and body-oils left behind in the pool. The fibrous outer layer of the tennis ball absorbs the floating oil and cleans the surface.

6 – Shock Therapy Whenever Needed

Do not forget to use shock to clean your cloudy or algae-ridden pool. It is a safe way to clean your swimming pool on regular basis. Shocking the pool precisely means increasing the chlorine level suddenly to shock or kill all the bacteria clinging to the pool. Shock your pool every couple of months.


No matter if you are new to cleaning your swimming pool or have been doing it for years, these tips can help you save money. Cleaning regularly is the key to keep your swimming pool sparkly clean consistently.

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