5 tips to prepare the window installation area

You have made a wise decision to replace the current windows and doors in your home. And you are assured that you will be the best for it in terms of comfort and your home will also experience improved curb appeal and an increase in property value. However, you need to prepare adequately for the installation process to be successful.

How do you prepare a new window for installation?

Having picked out the replacement windows for your home, you should schedule the installation appointment and prepare for the process. The following are ways to prepare the window installation area:

1. Clear The Area Outside The Windows

The installation process of the replacement windows will require the installers to work from the outside of the window areas. The area outside the windows must be free from encumbrance. As a result, remove flower pots, planters, and lawn furniture from the area. Also, ensure to cut shrubs and any trees that may block access to the windows. This will make the process hassle-free.

2. Clear The Area Inside The Windows

Also, the area inside the rooms where replacement windows will be installed must be prepared for the installation process. Remove all the furniture on the side of the window to provide the installation crew with free space to work and prevent accidents, which may cause the windows or other properties to be damaged.

3. Prepare The Windows Areas

Another way to prepare the window installation area is to remove window coverings, such as drapes, curtains, blinds, and other decors around the window areas. The walls around the window areas should also be prepared by removing paintings, clocks, and other wall hangings around the area.

4. Create Free Passage

Keep in mind that replacing windows and doors requires free movement in the house as the installation crew needs to carry the windows to be installed to the rooms and locations of installation. To prevent accidents, move furniture, sofa, stools, electronics, etc. out of the way. This will ensure safety and increase speed.

5. Make The Home Accessible

On the scheduled day, ensure that you are available. Deactivate the security on your entrance door. Put your dogs in the cage. Take your kids to a friend’s place until the Install is completed. Above all, be around to welcome them and provide whatever they need.


Follow the tips above to prepare a new window installation area. The area to install the replacement windows must be prepared to make the process smooth and hassle-free.

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