4 Things That The Most Reputable Guest Homes Have In Common

Climbing the ranks of websites like Airbnb isn’t always easy. It might even seem like some homes are inevitably going to be more popular due to their lavish interior designs or luxury accommodation options. However, there are a number of decisions and designs that every guest home can employ to help them rise in the rankings.

Of these decisions, there are generally considered to be four key qualities of guest homes that find success. Today, in the interest of helping hosts who open their homes to others achieve their goals, we’re sharing them.


The more ways in which a rented space is useful to a guest, the more successful the property is. This can mean a significant number of things, from having a sufficient amount of easily accessible charging options to safe storage facilities being available for belongings.

Among the most popular homes will be those that are able to offer options for washing clothing, using computer facilities, and even cooking meals. So, when first opening your home up to guests, consider what facilities can be made available. Even small additions, such as storage space for belongings can make a large difference.


In addition to such facilities, guests generally favour homes that allow them to be independent. While many homeowners will host guests, friends, and family members within their living spaces, typically a spare bedroom, others will establish a dedicated space instead, utilising outbuildings and log cabins as a way of offering freedom for individuals and groups to come and go.

Independence also occurs in the form of being able to access facilities without the need to impose on a homeowner, which is why en suite bathrooms are most celebrated. Other hosts will offer a small fridge or kettle to enable guests to create their own snacks.


Consider the space you are offering to guests and ask yourself if it is aesthetically pleasing. Those spaces that are more similar to hotel rooms, with white walls and minimal spaces, will often perform less well due to their perceived lack of character.

Be sure to get creative with your interior design and offer guests a space that feels like home and not one that feels like an anonymous stay. The most celebrated homes on guesthouse websites are typically those that pay close attention to interior design and create memorable, cosy spaces.



Staying within the space of a stranger, even one approved and reviewed by others, can be daunting. Often, security is a quality that is overlooked by homeowners because they typically feel safe in their own homes, however, this is not the case for others.

As such, be sure to consider the sense of security that a guest can experience. There should be plenty of options for secure storage and privacy so that guests are able to find their own sense of comfort in a new space, as well as options for those that might have extra requests.

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